Dynamics of live art in a “fluid space”

sicily artist

space art

A melting pot of ideas of an artist who is able to transform different and unconventional environments through his sensitivity and the belief that behind every object a soul is hidden: “I was proposed to have an exhibition in this firm and I gladly accepted”. – Explains Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti – “It really is not the first time that I chose unusual places for art. In the past, for example, I chose to present my work in a shopping center between stands and trolleys. Now, the choice of a law firm stems from the desire to communicate with as many people as possible, to involve those who have never experienced the excitement of an imaginative grasp, those suggestions that only art can give”. Through “fluid space” the artist has an opportunity to relive his entire creative journey where he worked in the most beautiful cities in the world, from Berlin to Barcelona to the Big Apple, where he could experiment with the “Imprints” technique, absolute proof of our existence on this earth. A testimony of emotions, feelings, events and stories to tell with just a trace of our passage. The enthusiasm and the strength of this successful artistic collaboration took shape from the will and the strong aesthetic sense of lawyer Gitto , great art lover and friend of the artist: “I really wanted Claudio to be able to exhibit in my legal studio because in addition to having large spaces that lend themselves well to a show, I think that art can give added value to those who work here. It is a way to create a more welcoming,  dynamic and rewarding work space”. Because it is true, when art takes possession of us, it is difficult to be able to give it up.

Marialuisa Silvestro

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